Creative Arts

Tells Stories with Pictures

When traveling in Tanzania in 2018 I was asked what I did as a profession back in the United States. When I told them my job title was "Creative Director" the translator had trouble translating that into Swahili. After a few minutes he explained to the group gathered that I "tell stories with pictures." That's a beautiful way to explain what I love to do.

I'm always working on a project. Whether it's for work or just for fun, I love to be creating. While I definitely don't limit myself on the type of projects I work on, most of the projects tend to be related to photography, videography, writing, or graphic design. I invite you to view a few examples of my work below.

Tanzania: Partners in Mission
36-minute documentary detailing the Teaming with Tanzania Mission Initiative

Wesley Abbey Project Summary
Video celebrating the completion of the $4 million Wesley Abbey Building Project

Hurricane Michael REBUILD
Appeal and update from First UMC Port. St. Joe following in the days after Hurricane Michael

United Methodist Women Missions
Overview of the missions projects of the United Methodist Women of First UMC of Pensacola

Port St. Joe Conservation
Promotional and awareness video for the restoration and conservation of St. Joseph Bay in Florida

VBS Character Introduction
1 of 5 videos designed to introduce missionaries as part of the Vacation Bible School mission project

Graphic Design Portfolio

The Growing Season

The Growing Season is a rethinking of the traditional annual stewardship campaign that most churches and non-profits have each fall to raise the funds needed to support the organization for the following year. Instead of focusing solely on stewardship, I expanded the program to include the five core principles of the church's mission statement which include Worship, Missions & Outreach, Evangelism, Christian Education, and Stewardship. This expansion helped the congregation to understand and memorize the mission of the church, by simplifying the message. It also provided an aesthetic framework for us to build all our media and communication around, which included everything from bulletins, to banners, to social media. As a result of the program, both participation and giving increased. After the success of The Growing Season the program was expanded to become a 5-year program leading up to the church's bicentennial.

Teaming with Tanzania

After traveling to Tanzania with a group from Alabama and West Florida, the Teaming with Tanzania Mission Initiative was established to help support the work of Wesley College in Mwanza and the United Methodist Church in Tanzania. As part of the founding membership of this initiative I developed a logo and promotional materials using media collected during the initial trip. Additional trips were planned to record a 30-minute documentary overview of the project. Designs created included a logo, bulletin handouts, multiple promotional videos, website, and more.

First United Methodist Church Bicentennial

On December 7, 2021 First United Methodist Church of Pensacola, Florida will celebrate 200 years of ministry. To prepare for the Bicentennial, a Bicentennial Planning Committee was established in which I serve as the chair. As part of this leadership position, we developed a series of designs to promote the upcoming anniversary of the church.

Serengeti Safari
October 2018

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater Safari
March 2019

TransAmerica Bicycle Tour
August - November 2013

New Zealand Tour
February - March 2019


Hurricane Michael
October 2018